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The Arlington Kiwanis Club is governed by member elected officers and directors

The following officers and directors were elected to serve from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017

                                                   President                                      Eugene Thomas

                                                   President - Elect                            Charlie Brown

                                                   Immediate Past President              Julie Mangis

                                                   Treasurer                                      Julie Wright

                                                   Assistant Treasurer                       Jacki Brown

                                                   Secretary                                      Richard Barr

        Board of Directors                                Ed Betts, Linda Chandler, Greg Craddock,

            Sudeep Bose, Ginger Geoffrey, Erin Klein,

            Tracy Miller



In order to carry out our mission, club members have the opportunity to participate in a variety of committees described below:

Community Service & Awards            

Identify, select and execute Club’s community service projects and recognize outstanding service from Organizations and individuals of Arlington County 



Interclub Activities  

Organize members’ participation in interclub meetings and represent the club at the Inter Service Club Council




 Committee members keep track of important news about club members  in addition to orientation and ongoing guidance



Nominations                       Identify suitable candidates for member elections of Directors and Officers
Finance, Administration & Planning  

These multiple committees perform a wide variety of functions including organizing and managing Club meetings, maintaining custody of club equipment and supplies, preparing and monitoring implementation of budgets and assisting with the development, implementation and revisions of the Clubs strategic and long range plans



Arki Editor  

Committee members write and distribute the weekly newsletter of the Club covering proceedings of Club meetings and important news and announcements



Spiritual Aims  

Give invocations and benedictions at Club meetings and organize spiritual programs on fifth Wednesdays of a month



Public Relations          

Maintain liaison with media to generate public awareness about the Club and its activities



Sponsorhip Program  

Committee members manage and coordinate the sponsorship program, including promotion and fundraising